Does TART Daytime Rosé contain allergens?

Our products don't contain common allergens like milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. If you have any allergen concerns, please consult your physician prior to consuming our products.

IS TART Gluten Free?

TART Daytime Wine is naturally gluten free. 

Is TART Daytime Rosé Vegan Friendly?

Yes, TART is not made with any animal bits or bobs.

How many calories does TART Daytime Rosé have?

TART only has 75 calories per 150ml serve.

Does TART Daytime Rosé actually taste Tart?

At only 8% alc, TART was specifically made for the daytime and is therefore refreshing and light not TART.  It’s a little bit dry.

How much sugar is in TART Daytime Rosé?

There is less than 1 gram of sugar per serve. Sweeeeet (or literally, not)

What does it mean to be a TART?

It means whatever the fuck you want it to be.  Sure the word has roots in oppression but today we see it as a liberation.  We are TART & PROUD

What is Period Poverty?

Period poverty is a fucking disgrace.  It effects 1 in 5 women in Australia.  These women cannot go to school or work because they can’t afford appropriate period products every month.  Last time I looked, using old socks or newspaper shouldn’t be the solution.

Where can I buy TART Daytime Rosé?

You can currently buy TART Daytime Rosé in Australia only.  You can buy it on our website, BoozeBud online and we are building our stockist list daily.  Please check out our stockist section for the latest list.

Can I buy TART Daytime Rosé in a bottle?

No.  Cans are 75% more likely to be recycled than glass and can be recycled infinitely.  They also have a considerably lower carbon footprint than glass bottles.  Our cans are specifically produced to ensure optimum protection and integrity of the wine.  Oh and you can take it with you on an adventure.  Oh and you can also have a mid week drink and not worry about wasting the whole bottle.

Where is TART made?

TART is 100% Australian made and owned, beautifully made by our kick ass Head Winemaker Gwyn Olsen in NSW.

Hey I’ve got this amazing idea for TART, or I just want a chat, who do I speak to?

Email us hello@thedaytimedrinks.com or DM us, we got you